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Each of the last two years, the word for the year has been a verb: simplify (2013) and complete (2014).

When I started thinking about the word for this year, sticking with a verb seemed the logical choice. Verbs are all about doing, being, producing, and becoming.

So (drumroll, please!)….this year the word is CHOOSE.

In the studio, we often listen to Rush, and one of our my favorite songs is “Freewill” — particularly the lyric that goes: “If you choose not to decide, you still have made choice.

Some mighty big truth, that. So the word “choose” was chosen to remind us that there are always choices. Bad things will happen. Mistakes will be made. Stupid decisions will bite us in the butt. Accidents will happen.

But on the bright side, the only people out there who aren’t making mistakes are the dead ones.

There’s always a choice.

• What comes next?
• How shall I respond?
• What’s the best reply?
• How will I behave?
• What can be learned from this?

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