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True story: I once knew a guy who really wanted to break into the comic book industry as a writer. He wrote scripts for his favorite characters, then boxed them up and sent them to New York in care of Mike Carlin at the central offices of DC Comics.

Now in the box along with the scripts he included a note and a roll of toilet paper. The note said something like this: “Hey, Mike know you’re too busy to take a sh*t, but next time you have to go, take this script along. I know you’ll love it. And here’s some toilet paper to go along to finish the job.”


At first I was speechless, then I settled for, “Uh you sure that’s a good idea?”

He responded, “Yeah, it’ll be great! Do you know how many manuscripts DC gets every day? Do you know how many come with toilet paper included? I want to make sure I really get noticed. And if I do it every time I send something in, he’s bound to remember me. So when I meet him at a comic convention, he’ll know exactly who I am.”

I agreed it would be memorable, but when I suggested that having his manuscript equated with poo might not be a great sales pitch, he told me I was short-sighted, lacked vision.

Then came the inevitable, “you just wait and see….”

It’s been years since conversation, and I honestly don’t know what happened to the guy, but you know what didn’t happen to him: he didn’t break into the comic book industry and become a giant success.

Marketing is about being memorable, but it’s important to be memorable in the right way.

Honestly, call me crazy, but do you want “toilet!” to be the first think people think when they hear your name?

Just sayin…

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